Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Short post 10/14

The readings for this upcoming class were very timely with it being National coming out week. Both Naples and Ettelbrick feel that gay couples are not equal in society and simply legalizing same sex marriage will not be the magic solution. “Comparing marriage to civil unions is a bit like comparing diamonds to rhinestones. One is, quite simply, the real deal; the other is not.” Same sex couple want the rights and priviledges that heterosexual couples have. By the simple fact that we have to have a week designated to homosexuals coming out the closet says that they are different. Ettelbrick argues that the main issue is accepting homosexuals for who they are. By legalizing same sex marriage they will still be faced with the social stigmas and stereotypes that plague them now. When discussing gay marriage the topic of whether or not they should be allowed to raise kids comes up. I believe this is a difficult situation while I do think that having to parents of the same sex raising a child is not the ideal environment for a young child to grow up in. However if a child has an opportunity to have two parents that love them regardless of sex why should we deprive them of that.

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