Wednesday, October 6, 2010

post 10/7

I found “Your not the type” to be a page turner. I was amazed at the thought process of Laurel Gilbert and her lover Kris. I would have never thought that two people would be able to express their love for one another through another person. While we live in a more accepting society today I still believe many would consider this taboo. Going back to the invisible knapsack that we discussed in class, heterosexual people definitely have privileges that they do not realize and that they take for granite. In an ideal world Kris and Laurel would be able to be together and have their own kids instead of having babies with two different guys. However I have to give Laurel a lot of credit because she went on to get her PhD and be very successful. Teenage pregnancy is a growing epidemic filled with problem after problem for the parties involved. These problems can be chronicled on the Mtv show “Teenage Mom”. Somehow Laurel was able to persist despite the odds being stacked against her. She should be a role model for young teenage girls. Just because you get yourself in a bad situation does not mean that your life has to be over.

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