Sunday, September 5, 2010

Women's Studies: Day 1

Embedded feminism and 'enlightened sexism are both two new terms to me. While woman have come a long way in the fight towards equality they still have a ways to go. Nowadays it is not uncommon for women to be portrayed as successful in the media. Shows like Grey's Anatomy and SVU have women in positions of power. While i am not familiar with either show from our discussion in class these shows portray women as successful but as a consequence their family life suffers leading the viewer to believe that women can not do it all. While i do not watch Shows like sex in the city I do watch jersey shore and the Bad Girls club. These shows appeal more to men because they objectify women and show them in a more sexual light. while these images are sexist and somewhat degrading people cant help but watch. In a similar type of media portrayal African Americans are often shown in stereotypical roles. Like woman African Americans have come a long way in their fight towards equality but they still have a long way to go. While we are all in control of our own thoughts the media plays a large role in the way we think and how we portray people.

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  1. Yes, the media plays a very crucial role in the portrayal of women, I agree. But I think we still do have a long way to go, And for African American women, the way they are most often portrayed in the media is universal. This supposed "Black-speak" is not only seen on TV but expected from viewers. TV shows and movies generally all contain the "token black girl" or guy and continue this negative perception of african american people. But just the way that women are portrayed in a sexual light, will this ever end? I don't think so. As long as society perpetuates this idea, the way women and black people are portrayed in the media will never stop.