Wednesday, September 29, 2010

As we discussed last class gender is something that is socially constructed where as sex is biological. So it is easy for one to see how decisions about a Childs gender can greatly affect their future. Doctors and parents are faced with difficult moral and ethical choices when placed in this position. Often times a decision needs to be made in a timely manner so the most important party is not included in the decision and that is the child. If the wrong sex is chosen for the child and the child identifies with the opposite sex then that can cause significant psychological damage. Children that are born with a genital abnormality are born with a cloud over their head and will often always have questions about their sexuality. Ciara is an incredible singer songwriter but rumors of her being a hermaphadite follow her. Lady Gaga also has been rumored to have a penis. As we discussed in class a genital abnormality can be as subtle as internal testes an can often go years unnoticed. Pop culture icons may experience some of these slight abnormalities but due to them constantly being in the spotlight this is just magnified. These situations need to be handled delicately and as technology and medical advancements continue to improve hopefully the situation for these children will also.

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