Tuesday, December 7, 2010

post 12/7

Enloe’s chapters are basically a summary of our course. I think Enloe is spot on when she says that we do not question gender roles because we are lazy. Some women have started to become complacent with their current status in society. Many gender inequalities were unaware to me prior to taking this class. I am certainly more aware of the disparities between men and women. Due to the fact that people do not question their current roles in society makes it easier to keep certain social structures in place such as patriarchy. Enloe feels like patriarchy shapes our whole society yet it is hardly ever challenged. People do not question the social framework we have in place because it is easy. It is difficult to go against the grain


  1. I definitely agree that many women have become complacent in our society. I think this is all a part of Susan Douglas' ideas of "enlightened sexism" and "embedded feminism"--we think we have made so much progress and, therefore, there is nothing left to do. We no longer need to question gender equality, because we've been taught that we are equal.

  2. I think it is unfortunate that so much of our education has us blindly accept what we are told, and I find it even more shocking that Enloe talks about the fact that having a discussion with her students is something that she finds difficult. We need to question everything around us. The world we live in would not be the way it is unless people hundreds of years ago wondered why their lives were the way they were. I think people take technology for granted and no longer are curious because they feel that things have been, for the most part, solved. As this course has shown me, they are clearly not.